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Before we even start to work on you, we will go through a thorough assessment, which will include a questionnaire​ that will give us an insight on to where/when your issue first started - this is a KEY ELEMENT IN THIS PROCESS!

For example, that time you sprained your ankle when you were 14? Maybe you didn't move it properly for 4-6 weeks? Maybe you didn't rehab it properly and do the stretches and exercises?

What can happen:

Stiff ankle joint  >  tight calf  >  calf tear or achilles tendonitis



As Myotherapists, we assess if there are any dysfunctions within your structure that could cause pain, discomfort and a poor quality of life.

We will then create a specific treatment plan that it tailored to only YOU! 

We use a number of different techniques, that will get you feeling better and moving better - such as:

- Myofascial Release

- Deep Tissue Massage

- Trigger Point Therapy

- Joint Mobilisations

- Dry Needling

Corrective Exercises / Strength & Conditioning

After the treatment, we don't just kick you out of the room empty handed!

To make sure that the treatment sticks, and that you're becoming a pain free, better you - we give you exercises.

These exercises are tailored to only YOU! They will help your body work as it should - pain free!